The 70805 Zip Code


North Baton Rouge has a homicide rate 25 times the national average. This makes it the 15th most violent city in the United States.


The median income is half the national average, and 42% of families with children under 18 years old are living below the poverty level.


Offenders living in 70805 commit 25% of all of the city’s robberies, 38% of all assaults with firearms and 40% of all aggravated assaults.

Foster Care

In Louisiana, there are more than 4,800 children in foster care. Forty percent of these children in Louisiana experience three or more placements while in foster care and approximately 280 children in Louisiana age out of foster care each year.

70% of state penitentiary inmates have spent time in foster care, and 12-36% experience homelessness at 18 years of age when they transition out of foster care. Foster care personnel and law enforcement estimate that 70% to 80% of child sex-trafficking victims were formerly involved in foster care.


These are the FACTS About our homeless youth

  • 50% of homeless youth do not have a GED

  • 70% express a desire to go to college, but only 2% do

  • Only 38% of former foster youth maintain employment for over 1 year.

  • 30% to 40% of homeless youth have been arrested

  • 25-55% are unemployed. Almost all who are employed earn below the poverty line.

  • 40-60% of young women are pregnant within 12-18 months of being on the streets

  • LA ranks 48th in extent of child homelessness and 46th in extent of youth at-risk of homelessness

  • The largest population in foster care is 13-21 year olds (40%)

20% of youth in the LA foster care system are over the age of 14 and waiting for adoption; however, only 4% will be adopted.