Anchor House Update

The long-awaited time to see our new Anchor House remodeled and ready for youth is almost here!! Volunteer teams started painting rooms last weekend and will continue this week as well. Soon, we will have 10-12 youth living in a safe and comfortable environment learning life skills, learning how to live together as a family, and learning what it means to prepare for a successful  future. More youth will receive GEDs and obtain livable-wage jobs. Their futures will take a radical turn toward self-sufficiency. We have waited a long time for decisions from the state on whether we had to have a sprinkler system, whether plumbing needed to be replaced, whether electrical wiring had to be redone, etc. We experienced unexpected delays at every turn, but by mid January all the finishing touches should be done for a move-in time of mid March.Thank you so much for your support and patience as we walked through this process  together.  We could not have gotten to this point without you. We will let you know when we will host an open house. We look forward to seeing you there.