Forecast: Sunny & Hot Summer

June 2016-2

Kids are out of school and summer is in full swing. For most of us, that means the expectation of summer vacation – a trip to the beach, the mountains, east coast, west coast, a great time to reconnect with family and friends. For most of the youth in 70805, those are not their expectations. They anticipate long days roaming the streets, hot afternoons, and boredom.

HP Serve is offering our youth a summer program where they can get off the streets, have fun, hang with friends, and enjoy life.  Youth can attend the program from 3:00 till 5:30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to participate in a variety of sports, games, snacks, field trips out of the community and activities designed to build character.  We could use volunteers! We welcome anyone who can offer an activity like cooking a meal, leading an art project, or any other activity you think the youth would enjoy. Additionally, we need volunteers who will just hang out with the youth, get to know them, and invest in their lives.

Playing Games AS
During the summer we are planning for a formal kick-off of our Youth Development Program in the fall where we will focus on academic improvement. As most parents know, so much of classroom instruction and homework today in done on computers. Most of our youth do not have home access to computers and have to go to the library…if they have transportation.  We are setting up a computer lab to assist youth with school work.  We will partner with parents and schools to track youth assignments and progress.  We will offer other activities that increase the youths’ awareness of a variety of career options. We could use your help this fall! Can you tutor a youth? Could you volunteer your time in the computer lab? Could you offer a small-group session on a career awareness activity? Could you provide funds to help us set up the computer lab? Your investment could pay off tenfold!

“If I wasn’t coming I would be in the streets doing bad things, stealing or more. I’m glad they are here for me. “- AR

” Coming to after school keeps me out of trouble. It’s very fun and relaxing. I love the staff, they treat me like I’m family. Also I don’t have to be at home.”- DR

 If you can volunteer in any way during the summer or fall, please contact us at Or, you may donate using the button above to help us provide these activities. Thank you for your commitment to HP Serve!!